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Millies – 女人有時很 _ _

client: Millies
theme: 女人有時很_ _
category: Online & Viral
 5 videos are produced on the core theme of “This is Mi”, and they are to tell of the five attitudes of today’s independent women: be persistent, be sentimental, be who you are, follow your will, and be self-encouraging. The featuring artist is personally a fighter who strives herself out of the comfort zone and fearlessly pursues her dream while, capturing this unique side of women, the clips have revealed a fresh and bubbly image of Millie’s new collection.

以現代獨立女性的五種特質:堅定、感性、真我、率性、自勵,製作影片來帶出「我是我」的新一代女性生活態度。片中女主角憑著其不甘只過安逸生活,努力追求夢想的一顆熾熱的心為自己闖出一片天。故事從女性亦剛亦柔,爽朗率真的一面出發,以人性化的手法為 Millie’s 全新系列塑造時尚型格的品牌形象。

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