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Guerlain – Bee Brave, Be Brave

client: Guerlain
theme: Bee Brave, Be Brave
category: Online & Viral, Styling & Prints, Brand Identity
content: The campaign “Bee Brave, Be Brave”, featuring sportsman Rex Tso and male artist Jan Lamb share the spirit of diligence, humbleness and persistence, which make them perfect for the core theme of “Bee”. An extensive promotional campaign that includes digital strategies, charity line-up, PR coverage and in-shop customer experience is launched, unveiling a brand new image of Guerlain Paris – strong, positive and courageous.

「Bee Brave,Be Brave」片中的運動員曹星如及男藝人林海峰亦以努力不懈、謙遜和不放棄的精神見稱,正好配合主題「Bee」。一連串宣傳推廣上包括網絡策略、慈善團體聯絡、公關策劃及店舖體驗活動等,我們都向顧客展示了 Guerlain Paris 堅定及積極向上的品牌信念。

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