Michael Kors – Rock Chic Window Display & VIP Night

client: Michael Kors
theme: Rock Chic
category: Event & PR, Styling & Prints, Brand Identity
content: To echo the toughness and edginess of Michael Kors’ Fall/Winter 2017 collection, we develop a rock chic theme to its window display design. The use of metallic and floral elements has made the shop brimming with the amazement of rock n’ roll as well as a hint of feminine elegance. Upon the launch of the brand’s new collection, our team assists in hosting an evening VIP event, and arranging a mix-and-match sharing session by a personal styling specialist.

為配合 Michael Kors 秋冬 2017 系列,我們特意用上金屬及立體花元素,使店舖裡裡外外充滿型格搖滾味,卻又滲出絲絲的優雅女性美。在新系列發佈之時,我們亦為品牌舉辦了一場 VIP 晚聚,當晚並邀得專業個人形象顧問為各來賓暢談配襯技巧及趣事。

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