New Town Plaza – Spring Secret Garden

client: New Town Plaza
theme: Spring Secret Garden
Event & PR, Online & Viral, Brand Identity
content: Upon the launch of New Town Plaza’s Spring Secret Garden campaign, we drive shoppers to a mini site which we specially develop for the campaign through placement of QR codes around the atrium decor. The site allows visitors to browse the collections and download e-coupons for special discounts or shopping privileges at selected shops. We further line up with an artist on the design and production of a chic clutch bag and pouch as premiums to shoppers at designated spendings. To create an extraordinary shopping experience, we further custom-design an array of engaging and sales-driven workshops, from fashion illustration, floral phone case making, glassware painting, lantern making, tarot reading, yoga teaching, to skincare DIY. The omni-directional online and offline promotional strategies have received positive and keen responses from shoppers, and considerably increased footfalls to the shops.

為配合新城市廣場的 Spring Secret Garden 活動,我們於場內四周貼上二維碼,顧客掃描後會去到我們為活動設計的網頁,除讓訪客瀏覽各品牌的系列,亦可下載提供不同折扣優惠及購物禮遇的電子優惠卷,於商場作即時消費。我們亦與插畫師聯手設計及製作型格手提包和小手袋,供於商場消費滿指定金額的顧客換領。我們團隊亦打造了一連串顧客體驗工作坊,包括時裝插畫、玻璃繪畫、迷你提燈製作、塔羅牌解讀、瑜珈以及自製護膚品。全方位的線上及線下推廣策略均得到顧客的熱烈參與,亦大大為店舖吸引人流。

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