Guerlain – My Bravery, My Invisible Tattoo

client: Guerlaintheme: My Bravery, My Invisible Tattoocategory: Online & Viral, Brand Identitytheme: The “My Bravery, My Invisible Tattoo” unveil the brand campaign of Guerlain Paris’, which have been an active advocate on nature conservation. The “My Bravery, My Invisible Tattoo” clips feature four outstanding female artists and NGO entrepreneur who are Hilary Tsui, Charmaine Fong, Michelle Sun and Samantha Li, known for [...]

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Michael Kors – Rock Chic Window Display & VIP Night

client: Michael Korstheme: Rock Chiccategory: Event & PR, Styling & Prints, Brand Identitycontent: To echo the toughness and edginess of Michael Kors’ Fall/Winter 2017 collection, we develop a rock chic theme to its window display design. The use of metallic and floral elements has made the shop brimming with the amazement of rock n’ roll as well [...]

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Mirabell – More Than Usual, More Than Casual

client: Mirabelltheme: More than Usual, More than Casualcategory: Online & Viral, Brand Identitycontent: Mirabell has been well familiar to many of us, and to address the corporate’s objective of a market growth in the male market, we develop the “More than Usual, More than Casual” concept, and produce a video that features the Hong Kong [...]

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New Town Plaza – Spring Secret Garden

client: New Town Plazatheme: Spring Secret Gardencategory: Event & PR, Online & Viral, Brand Identitycontent: Upon the launch of New Town Plaza’s Spring Secret Garden campaign, we drive shoppers to a mini site which we specially develop for the campaign through placement of QR codes around the atrium decor. The site allows visitors to browse the [...]

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Millies – 女人有時很 _ _

client: Milliestheme: 女人有時很_ _category: Online & Viralcontent: 5 videos are produced on the core theme of “This is Mi”, and they are to tell of the five attitudes of today’s independent women: be persistent, be sentimental, be who you are, follow your will, and be self-encouraging. The featuring artist is personally a fighter who strives herself [...]

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Tumi – Perfecting The Pack with Tumi

client: Tumitheme: Perfecting the Pack with Tumicategory: Branding Campaign, Eventcontent: A trip will be far from perfect without quality luggage and travel gears. With Tumi holding a product display exhibition, we further help with boosting public awareness by developing the umbrella theme of “Perfecting the Pack with Tumi”, and holding an event with celebrity and [...]

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