Guerlain – 如梭,如初

client: Guerlain theme: 如梭,如初 category: Print content: Time flees, Love insist. Once we have grown up, we easily put our focus on pursing a better living and have forgotten our initial dreams. However, there are some people who are always insisting on their own dream and take hold on their beliefs, such as well known celebrity, Jessica; Chinese medicine [...]

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agnès b. – Happy b. Booklet

client: agnès  b. theme: Happy b. Booklet (Christmas) category: Styling & Prints, Brand Identity content: When agnès b. meets Christmas, it’s all about joy and sweetness. From styling, photo-shooting to layout design of both booklet and its online version, our team strives to bring to all readers of this Christmas catalogue a comfy, sugary and light-hearted [...]

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Millies – 女人有時很 _ _

client: Milliestheme: 女人有時很 _ _category: Styling & Printscontent: Style shots are produced on the core theme of “This is Mi”, and they are to tell the attitudes of today’s independent women, in order to showcase the uniqueness of Millie's FW17 new collection. 以現代獨立女性的特質為概念,我們為品牌拍攝秋冬新系列的造型照來帶出「我是我」的新一代女性生活態度,為品牌塑造出鮮明且具個性的時尚形象。

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PMQ – Fashion PMQ

client: PMQ theme: Fashion PMQ category: Styling & Prints, Brand Identity content: PMQ, an artistic and stylish hotspot in Hong Kong, appoints us to create concept and layout design of its poster and postcard for the fashion event. PMQ 為香港一大時尚藝術熱點,我們這次為其時裝活動作海報及明信片概念及版面設計。    

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SOGO – X’Mas Holiday Party Groove Booklet

client: Sogo theme: X'Mas Holiday Party Groove category: Styling & Prints content: Sogo has almost everything to get Christmas parties started and pamper one’s good self afterwards. We design and produce this product catalogue under the theme of “party groove” - Christmas is all fun! 不論是準備聖誕派對,或是忙碌過後想好好寵愛自己,Sogo 都能一應俱全。這聖誕特刊名為「Party Groove」,由本團隊設計及製作,希望大家也能沉醉於濃烈的節日派對氣氛中。            

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HomeSquare – Hi and Sit, Hide and Seek Booklet

client: HomeSquare theme: Hi and Sit, Hide and Seek category: Styling & Prints content: Creating a rhyming and catchy tag “Hi and Sit, Hide and Seek”, we complete HomeSquare’s promotional catalogue from concept, layout design to photo-shooting and printing production. 為 HomeSquare 的產品冊作設計、拍攝及印製,並以押韻易記的「Hi and Sit, Hide and Seek」為名。                

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New Town Plaza – 花語祝福

client: New Town Plaza theme: 花語祝福 category: Prints & Premium, Event content: Riding on New Town Plaza’s “花語祝福” Chinese New Year decoration concept, our team organizes complimentary preserved-flower workshops to shoppers upon in-mall spending during Valentine’s Day, and also design and produce matching lai see packets and premiums. 我們的保鮮花意念,正好切合新城市廣場「花語祝福」新年裝置。除了為商場設計及製作配合主題的利是封及精美禮品外,我們亦於情人節時為商場安排了保鮮花工作坊予於場內消費的顧客參加。  

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