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Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau Creative Competition

Exclusive Hong Kong Strategic Partner

360 Creative Solution China became the exclusive Hong Kong strategic partner of the "Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau Creative Competition" project in the Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau Greater Bay Area!

360 Creative Solution China is a domestic branch of 360 Creative Solution in Hong Kong. Founder Rebecca Wong has an outstanding market consciousness in Hong Kong based on her acute marketing sense, innovative problem-solving and a win-win attitude.

In 2020, 360 Creative Solution China and Guangzhou Qingchuang Bay reached a strategic partnership to guide Hong Kong and Macau businesses in entering the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, a project fully funded by the government.

360 Creative Solution China is also the sole strategic partner in the “Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau Creative Competition” a project launched by the Qingchuang Bay enterprise hub in Hong Kong. This exclusive partnership authorizes specific network marketing rights in event recruitment, promotion, event management.

Design Empowerment

Omnichannel empowerment: A contest for creative design and creative marketing

This competition targets personalized custom tide branding, and combines digital printing and packaging supply chain, community KOLs, designer groups and brand manufacturers who carry out a series of creative design, communication and channel marketing. An excellent “testing” laboratory for you to obtain low-cost creative designs, integrate marketing solutions across the entire network, and reach 1 million young audiences!

Competition Concept

As development of AI, 5G, IOT and other technologies races, the post-90s generation that has emerged has become increasingly influential, spurring a new Consumer to Manufactory (C2M) model where end-producers connect with end-consumers to deliver customized products at low prices. At the development stage, this poses new challenges, particularly for packaging and printing companies required to meet the needs of sales terminals with a rapid response. At present, more and more designers and brand planning companies are responding to changes in new marketing channels, combining the technical features of the world’s leading Fuji Xerox digital printing with various youth communities, Internet celebrities, and KOL / KOC to launch various types of new consumer spending. The group’s personalized brand and product design have received good market feedback and effects.

In response to these development trends of the future market, the G3 Digital Custom Creative Design Competition upholds the philosophy of leading, promoting and creating Good Design, Good Product, Good Life (Good Design, Good Product, Good Life). The Competition is dedicated to promoting digital technology. Integrating development with creative design, and putting designers at its core, brand manufacturers, digital packaging and printing suppliers can connect with new media and young enterprise hubs to jointly launch exclusive digital custom products. Co-creative activities are empowered to stimulate greater creativity among young individuals, stronger innovation of brand manufacturers, and to promote packaging and printing and its upstream and downstream industry transformation to gain a broader space for development!

Review of previous competitions and works

Seeking Extraordinary Life

They do not pay much attention on famous brands, except with style, interesting contents and keep refreshing all the time

New trend of national tide

In line with the development of an increasingly personalized market, the theme of the competition is “Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau Creative Competition”. An emerging retro Chinese trend fits the psychology of the young community, customizes personalized products for it, combines new technology, new retail thinking and marketing content.  planning to combine creativity, design, products, markets, spaces, and characters to create a New markets. How can brand / IP products expand customer acquisition channels at low cost? Social e-commerce is an effective way to combine marketing with brand communication. Combined with online promotion (kol / koc) to expand customers, combined with offline stores to form integrated marketing is the most effective way to explore new consumption scenarios and channels in the future.

Nowadays, the national tide is in the lead. Many classic domestic products and brands have merged their classic products with trend thinking and launched new and innovative products, which are welcomed by the young community. During the Spring and Summer New York Fashion Week, the second season of New York Fashion Week China Day was held. From September 9th to September 11th, China Day Pop-up Store was launched. Tmall Guochao Action, in conjunction with Opening Ceremony, the world’s top trending buyer store, has created China Day’s “Tmall Guochao Label Shop”, with the purpose of customizing trendy cross-border products for a series of brands with unique Chinese cultural genes. Among them, the “old godmother” sweater can be said to have its own light. In addition, the perfume brand “Smell Library” and the old-fashioned brand “White Rabbit Candy” recently launched toffee-scented perfumes, which awakened many young people’s childhood memories.

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Contest Terms & Conditions

This creative design contest collaborates creative thinking, digital technology, well-developed business plan with sales and innovative marketing campaigns,  joint ventures, branding, suppliers, designers, education institutes and the youth communities in order to establish an integrated platform for industrial development.  This design contest has been launched in 7 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Wuhan and Chengdu through creative design + proposition design + creative products, by collecting the outstanding pieces all over China from January 5, 2020 to May 30, 2020.  More than 2,000 designers participated along with the involvement of commercial design organizations and 100+ youth communities.  All participated works shall be exhibit in 7 cities, there will be a large-scales exhibition held for the final works in Guangzhou, with 50 and more media broadcasting and 1 million audiences through the country!

Brand Equity

Benefits for brands participating in the competition include:

⦁ Exclusive brand design propositions

⦁ Low-cost innovative design schemes

⦁ New media channel marketing planning and implementation of KOL and KOC leveraged with 500,000+ fans

⦁Network-wide marketing plans and implementation offering wide exposure and media coverage

⦁ Opportunity to reach 1 million key players

⦁ Design product online sales channel verification

⦁ Independent booths and roadshows at the competition site


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