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Guerlain -- Bee Brave, Be Brave


With the heritage and long establishment of Guerlain in the beauty market, the brand faces challenges of the huge and competitive pool of new and emerging beauty brands, and therefore seeks an effective brand building campaign. We aim to craft a new brand image that could capture a younger market, and to retain its existing customers with a strong brand positioning.



The “Bee Brave” campaign is a core part of our customised viral marketing and brand campaigns for Guerlain. Level of awareness is triggered and surged with the popularity of selected and targeted KOLs in the “Bee Bravo” viral marketing strategy, which also makes a new, strong and positive brand identity for Guerlain. Our second wave of branding and promotional strategies includes the blast of “Bee Brave” videos to uphold and reinforce Guerlain’s “Bee Brave” spirit. Following an integrated brand campaign that covers digital marketing strategies such as video production and Facebook advertising, and PR initiatives, sustaining tactical programs including roadshows, workshops and in-shop events altogether project a vivid image of Guerlain, and impress customers with a distinctive shopping experience.

「Bee Brave」活動乃我們為Guerlain計劃的社交媒體及網上營銷,以及品牌推廣計劃中的核心部分。在「Bee Bravo」網絡營銷策略中,我們為宣傳影片挑選了合適的網絡紅人,藉著其名氣來進一步提高網上群眾對品牌及其形象的關注。影片亦為品牌帶出了一個全新、強大及積極的形象。我們的第二波推廣活動還包括「Bee Brave」的網上短片發放來強調品牌的「Bee Brave」精神。通過線上營銷策略、宣傳片製作、公關活動和往後的持續性品牌策略計劃項目,包括路演、工作坊和店內活動,都展示了Guerlain的鮮明突出的市場定位,以及為顧客帶來與別不同的購物體驗。


The multi-tier marketing campaign has an extensive reach and presence in the market, and contributes to a beautiful transition Guerlain with youth and energy. While the “Bee Bravo” and “Bee Brave” video clips have received a considerable number of views and a high engagement rate, there is also an increase in visits and sales at Guerlain’s actual retail shops out of the positive customer shopping experiences.

層層推進的營銷活動為客戶在市場上有著廣泛及具深度的曝光及滲透率,完美地展現品牌的年輕與活力。「Bee Bravo」和「Bee Brave」視頻都獲得了相當多的觀看次數及網上參與率;在良好的客戶購物體驗中,Guerlain的店舖人流及銷售亦節節上升。

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