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Project Description

Link-- Park & Dine App 友達像你


To make shopping even more convenient and hassle-free, Link has built a mobile application to facilitate shoppers in various ways, including real-time carpark availability, auto-detect location of your car, e-queuing for in-mall eateries and a huge pool of e-coupons, etc. Within a short two-week period of time, we are to produce a viral clip that would boost downloads from scratch.



We have designed a fun and light-hearted storyline in order to stress the easy-breeziness and handiness of the app, and associate it with a joyful and carefree shopping experience. Despite the time constraint, we manage to line up with the popular local pop duo Shine to do the filming. With the two young singers having casual conversations, playing around and having fun together in the film, we put together a fresh and bubbly video clip for the client within the given time, from storyline, celebrity line-up, to video-shooting and all the post-production. The clip is to be blasted in the coming media conference.



The client is satisfied with both the quality of the clip, as well as the prompt responses, quick turnarounds, and professional and reliable deliveries from our team. With the right and fitting choices of story, shooting styles and featuring artists, the clip has also gained positive feedback at the media conference, and built a refreshing and uplifting image of Link.


Project Details