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About us

Great ideas accomplish great marketing, but they are of no value without an effective execution. This is like a marvellous story being written but buried and unreachable.

We, 360 Creative, are here to help create and make your story extraordinary, highly accessible and intrigued to your audience.

360 Creative was founded by Rebecca Wong, who has established an excellent reputation and a firm footing in the industry. Rebecca has more than a decade of experience in major media companies, and has since developed sharp marketing insights and strategic planning intelligence.

The name 360 Creative Solution originates from what we are best at – to offer our clients an all-round marketing plan with creative yet targeted promotional solutions, covering digital media, installation, guest event, customer relationship management, PR, print, premium and sales-driven strategies.

Our team, led by Rebecca, once started at MilkX, a popular fashion and lifestyle magazine to young and tasteful readers. For years we had been working jointly on large projects with world renowned brands and listed companies, ranging from seasonal programs, art installations, exhibitions to brand campaigns. Some of our collaboration partners included Comme de Garcon, Louis Vuitton, Will Broome, Alice + Olivia, Lee Gardens, ifc, New Town Plaza and Elements etc.

The team is now individually based and continues growing, with both local and international client base expanding and portfolio filling with avant-garde ideas, effective strategic planning and thorough execution.


Rebecca 為 360 Creative 創辨人,於傳媒業有十多年經驗,除了於業內有著穏固及超卓的網絡及名聲外,亦建立了敏銳及獨到的市場觸角及策劃思維。

360 Creative Solution 取名自我們團隊為顧客提供針對其業務需要的全面性方案,以創新意念配合網絡媒體、大型裝置、嘉賓活動、客戶關係管理、公共關係、印刷品、禮品及銷售等推廣策略

這個以 Rebecca 為首的團隊始於受年輕品味一族歡迎的時尚潮流雜誌 MilkX,期間曾代表 MilkX 多次參與大型合作項目。客戶包括世界知名品牌及上市公司;項目性質廣泛,如節慶推廣活動、展覽,以至品牌定位及策略等。當中的合作伙伴包括 Comme des Garçons、Louis Vuitton、Will Broome、Alice + Olivia、利園、ifc、新城市廣場及 Elements 等。