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New Cross-border E-commerce Model!New Sales Channel for Imported Medicine

360 Creative Solution is not only tailor marketing plan for customers, but also strives to solve practical sales problems for both local and overseas customers. We have joined forces with Zenecom International Limited, which focuses on the large health industry, to establish Zenecom 360 Marketing Limited and committed to providing you with a One-Stop Cross-border E-commerce and China marketing plan to help you take the first step in exploring the tremendous mainland market!

Want to enter the China market, but can’t find a channel?

Do you have high-quality beauty, healthcare, and antibacterial products, but having difficulties in accessing the market?

Under the new policy, OTC can now enter the China market officially!

With China being the world’s second largest healthcare products market, cross-border e-commerce is the only way for you to enter the China market and expand your customer base.

Zenecom 360 One-stop cross-border e-commerce gives you a strong entry to China

We connect to the Guangzhou cross-border e-commerce platform, rely on China Customs, and provide a 15-day Green Channel for OTC (over-the-counter drugs) and other products through the official channel to enter the China market. Your high-quality products can go directly to the domestic bonded warehouse in batches, saving a lot of time and logistics costs. Your products will be listed on our online store to provide you with an online sales channel and guarantee the genuine products are delivered directly to the mainland consumers.

Only three simple steps - Introducing a new loopback promotion model

Zenecom 360 provides merchants with an One-Stop online e-commerce platform entry services. Merchants can directly list their products to the established online store or setup their own brand online stores without spending a lot of money. At the same time, the official certified e-commerce channel cooperates with the customs logistics Green Channel to ensure that your authentic products are directly delivered to the domestic consumers, eliminating the problem of unregulated channels. While the products are listed on the online stores, through our nationwide network layout, they can be directly delivered to 10,000+ large chain stores for physical display, connecting online and offline consumers. Finally, cooperate with the complete marketing plan tailored for the brands, the products will be publicized on major domestic social platforms, search engines and well-known media to achieve a comprehensive and intensive promotion effect.

Simple Listing Process

The Perfect One-Stop Cross-border E-commerce Services

All-rounded Online Marketing

Successful Cases of listing on the Corss-border E-commerce Online Platform!

Multi-platform Promotion


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